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26 October 2011 @ 11:01 pm
Corn Maze in October!!  
Under two months... that's not so bad? XD

So back in the beginning of October, my friend, Bluestarbaby, invited to go to a Corn Maze in Pitt Meadows. It sounded pretty interesting and I've never been to a corn maze so off we went!

The corn maze was 15acres and there were 12 check points stationed within the maze and if you manage to collect all 12 stamps, you get a free slurpy! It turned out much harder than expected.... XD;;

Since Bluestarbaby brought her DD Neris, Ayu, I brought Yuu along ^^

Half-way through, we got separated from the boys, so we just wandered around aimlessly and took photos XD

The sky started clearing when we got there and we had such nice weather! The maze grounds were still really muddy though. Good thing I brought rain boots and then sneakers to change out of!

So we eventually bumped into the guys again and we went on our way to find the remaining checkpoints and then find the way out after 2 hours!

We made it out of the maze and got our slurpees!
But when we went on the train ride, I kept attracting bees >.>
And then a fly decided to take a swim in my lemonade slurpee. :(

The maze was in a farm that was also famous for cranberries, I believe. So we went on their short train/tractor ride through a separate part of the maze and then a hay ride through their cranberry field.

They also had a petting zoo corner.

As I was taking that picture of the goat, another one started munching on the end of my shirt!
I felt someone tugging on my shirt, looked down and, whoa! my shirt is not food!

But they were very cute nonetheless. ♥

There was one lone boar with a constant look of grumpiness on her face. XD

One lone sheep as well, looking bored.

It was a long and tiring, but fun day.

I should really play with my camera and practice more...

The rest of the photos with higher resolution can be found HERE.
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reirek121 on October 27th, 2011 07:48 pm (UTC)
The photos are absolutely stunning *o* And the picture with the doll pointing to the sky is really adorable :3
Kaychiseen on October 28th, 2011 04:46 am (UTC)
Thank you~~~ ♥

I should really practice more with my camera in manual mode. I don't play with it enough.